• The Sense of Self Project hires homeless veterans at living wages

    to design and produce customized high-quality t-shirts

    for retail and commercial sale.


    The Sense of Self Project equates a living wage and a job for veterans

    with the respect and dignity they have earned and deserve.


    The Sense of Self Project provides a work environment where

    veterans can thrive and regain a sense of community,

    family, and a network.


    At The Sense of Self Project, homeless veterans use their skills to create

    a commercially-viable product while giving customers

    a chance to support and sustain our veterans.


    The more t-shirts you order, the more veterans we hire!

  • How It Works

    Help us create American Jobs for American Heroes!


    You Join

    For $35 /mo sign up to receive one of our hand printed Tee's each month. Your monthly Tee fuels our steady demand and consistent work hours for an American Veteran


    We Hire

    We hire ONLY those most in need living in the homeless shelter system or participating in the employment programs of NYC!



    You Get

    Each shirt is hand screened on high quality tri-blend cotton Tee's right here in the USA! Your order delivers monthly via U.S. Postal Service


    The Impact

    To some a job is more than a paycheck. For a Veteran in a homeless shelter a job is a lifeline. It can give a sense of pride, of purpose, of confidence and helps them gain a better overall Sense of themSelf.

  • Who We Are

    The Sense of Self Project

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    The Very Beginning

    Our founder moved to NYC with bright eyes and big dreams like most do. While experiencing and observing the city he noticed among all the ritz and glamour that NYC is known for, there was another side of the city most choose to ignore - the less fortunate and homeless.


    This military brat endeavoured to help those Veterans most in need and aimed to help pull them out of their hard time and homelessness with jobs. The Sense of Self Project was born. Thank you for your continued support in creating American Jobs for American Heroes!!

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    Our approach

    To help address the systemic problem of homelessness, we are doing our part by creating steady jobs and income at a living wage.


    We founded The Sense of Self Project on a subscription basis so that we could offer consistency month after month to those living in homeless shelters. This is essential in giving them the means to change their situation. The more Tee's we need to make each month, the more jobs we can offer month after month!

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    Why Tee's?

    When looking to create jobs we chose making Tee's as a means to spread a message and create a social movement. You know every Tee is handmade by an American Veteran living in a homeless shelter. You are directly creating a job for someone in need.


    When you wear our Tee's everyone sees! Our goal is that soon everyone will know about our project and will join our project!

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  • FAQ

    What does my Tee look like?

    It is a SUPRISE! Each new design is released the day your Tee ships each month. The designs are awesome, positive and directly aligin with our goal of uplifting those in need and inspiring those around us. You will love it, we are positive!


    Your monthly Tee cost is $35 and your account is billed monthly. Shipping in the U.S. is always free. You can cancel anytime.

    When do you bill, when do you ship?

    We bill the first of each month after your inital purchase and ship at the end of the month. In doing this we know exactly how many Tee's need to be made each month, how much inventory we require, and how many job hours we are able to offer each month. We hope its A LOT!

    I need a different size.

    Whoops! If you think you need a different size please let us know asap so we can adjust your account for next month. All tees are made to order just for you. We keep cost down by not carrying any inventory or extra Tee's. The more money we save in overhead the more we can offer in jobs for the homeless.

  • Connect With Us

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